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The Fitting Room

Did you know around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? At Fine Lines, we're passionate about fit and comfort so read on for tips and tricks to make sure that's not you! Remember, breasts can change dramatically with minor weight change so make sure you check your fit at least twice a year!

Women in bras
Woman in nude strapless bra holding measuring tape

The Big Issues

When it comes to an ill fitting bra, there are three big things to look out for!

My band is riding up...

Did you know a majority of support from your bra comes from the band? Not the cups, not the straps and not the underwire! It should be firm but not uncomfortably tight and should sit horizontally across your back. Bras also stretch with wash and wear so if your old bra has started riding up on the tightest hook, it's time to replace your bra!

Illustration of bra riding up the back

My breasts are spilling out...

A well fitting bra shouldn't leave you with lumps, bumps, spillage, back bulge, side boob or under boob so if this is happening, it's highly likely you're in the wrong bra size.

Illustration of breast spilling out of bra

My cups are gaping...

If your bra is gaping at the top, it usually means the cup size is too big for you but you could also mean you're in the wrong bra shape for your breast shape!

Illustration of bra gaping at top

Convertibility Options

We specialise in solution based bras and almost all of our bras convert at least 2 ways so you can keep your straps hidden while you stay supported!

The Fitting Room Blog

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