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Why does my bra ride up at the back?

  • 1 min read

Wondering why your bra rides up at the back? Use our simply checklist to ensure you're wearing the correct bra size.

Firstly, check you are not wearing your bra straps too tight. Some women try to lift their breasts higher by tightening the bra straps – this doesn't work. The support should be coming from the band, not the straps. So adjust the straps and ensure the band is sitting straight across your back.

If that doesn't fix the problem, you are most likely wearing a bra that's too big.

back band that is too large will ride up your back and sit too high up. Why? The  weight of your breasts are pulling down on the cups and straps, forcing the back band to ride up. This is why is can feel tight and also it happens to push skin upwards and creating bulges.

The best way to avoid this to get a professional bra fitting – or measure yourself at home using our DIY Bra Fit Guide