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Why do my breasts spill out of my bra?

  • 2 min read

Bra ‘spillage’, ‘second boob’ or ‘back bulge’ is a common problem in busty women. It's usually down to incorrect bra size, but it’s also caused by certain breast types and styles of bra. 

Problem: Bra spillage on top - My breasts spill out the top of my bra

First up, check the band of your bra. It should run straight along your back. If it is inching upwards, it could mean that the band size is wrong. A smaller band and cup size will result in your breasts spilling out over the cups.

Secondly, check the cup size. Cups that are too small will result in spillage, so try going up a cup size. But also consider the shape of your breasts. Breasts that are fuller and rounder at the top will need more coverage than breasts that are firmer at the bottom.

Choose styles that provide generous coverage to avoid overspill. We recommend our Memory Full Coverage Bra. It features memory foam cups that mould to the shape of your bust, creating a smooth, seamless fit.

Problem: My breasts spill out the side of my bra

Breasts that are fuller on the sides have a higher chance of side spillage. When considering how a bra should fit on the side and to avoid unflattering ‘side boob’, choose side-support bras designed with moulded cups that push the breast towards the centre. Remember to scoop your breasts into place when fitting your bra, to ensure they’re in the right place.

If you feel like your bra is digging into your sides, you could also consider switching to wire-free bras to cover the area and avoid those bulges. We recommend the Supersoft Wireless Bra – the ultimate in comfort and not a bulge in sight.

Problem: 'Back bulge' / 'back fat'

Ill-fitting bras can cause back bulge, also known as back fat, overhang or back rolls. You may think that going up a band size will reduce the problem. It won’t. Bands are designed to fit snugly, in order to support your breasts.

Instead consider bras with smoothing designs, seamless edges and wide back wings.

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