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How to stretch in your new Invisibles briefs for the perfect fit!

  • 2 min read

One Size Fits Most

A step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your Invisibles Briefs!

  1. Wash Before Wear
    Before you slip into your Invisibles Briefs for the first time, give them a quick wash. This helps to ensure optimum freshness and softness, allowing the fabric to reach its full potential.
  2. Stretch & Relax
    Picture this: You receive your eagerly awaited Invisibles Briefs, and they look and feel smaller than you anticipated. Don't panic! It's time for a little stretching session. Gently tug on the waistband and legs to relax the elastic. Think of it as giving your undies a nice, rejuvenating stretch to prepare them for their transformative mission.
  3. The First Wear
    Now comes the moment of truth – your first wear! Brace yourself for a firm embrace, as these undies are here to work their magic. Yes, they might feel a bit snug initially, but fear not! As the day unfolds, you'll witness a remarkable phenomenon. The fabric will gradually adjust and "find" your unique body shape. It's like having your very own personalised undie tailor.
  4. From Two to Infinity
    Congratulations! Your Invisibles Briefs have discovered the contours of your body. The snugness has transformed into unparalleled comfort. You'll experience a heavenly blend of stretch and support as you go about your day. Say goodbye to those pesky undies that dig in or restrict your movement. These magical briefs have got your back (or rather, your bottom)!
  5. Care for Your New Besties
    Just like any relationship, you need to take care of your Invisibles Briefs to keep the love alive. When it's time for laundry day, give them a warm delicate machine wash in a laundry bag with like colours. This will ensure they maintain their shape and stretchiness, providing you with a custom fit every time you slip them on.

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