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The Perfect Pack: Top Lingerie Items You Need For Travelling

  • 1 min read

Travelling soon? Simplify your packing list with these essential bras and briefs and be ready for any occasion in any outfit!

1. Refined 6-way Low Cut Strapless Bra - RL030A
2. Supersoft Convertible Wireless Bra - SO013
3. Invisibles Thong - IV031
4. Invisibles Full Brief - IV051


Refined 6-way Low Cut Strapless Bra - RL030A

One bra, any outfit! Strapless, Low Back, Wide Back, Halter Neck, Racer Back or One Shoulder, the options with this bra are endless. Whatever outfit you've packed, this bra will have a solution!

refined strapless convertible bra in nude

Supersoft Convertible Wireless Bra - SO013

Plane, train, but, boat or car, this is the number one bra for being on the move! The wire-free design allows for easy folding and packing without the worry of damage, plus it's super comfortable for those long travel days!

supersoft wire free bra in black

Invisibles Thong - IV031

Talk about a travel essential! These seamless space savers are invisible under any outfit and small enough to pack a pair for every day you're away!

invisibles thong in nude

Invisibles Full Brief - IV051

We can't pack a bag without including at least one pair of comfy black undies. These ones have the added bonus of being super stretchy so they'll move with you as you devour all the delicious delicacies on your travels!

invisibles full brief in black