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The A-Z of Lingerie.

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From balconettes, ballet-backs and everything in between, sometimes it seems impossible to know which lingerie is the best for you. Here is our A-Z guide to decoding lingerie lingo to help you to find just what you’re looking for.  


Alphabetical Cup Sizes 

Understanding your cup size is fundamental to lingerie selection. Your cup size is the letter or letters next to your band size. To measure your bust, or cup size, wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. Learn more about finding your best bra size here. 


Balconette Bra 

A balconette bra is a lower cut and sleekersilhouettethan your everyday bra They feature a sexy, low-cut neckline with straps that sit further out on the shoulders, providing a natural lift and square neckline. 

Ballet Back 

A ballet back, also knows as a leotard back, refers to the shape where the straps meet the back of the bra. The ballet back forms a "U" shape which enables the bra to lift your bust line by hugging the band more closely to the body as well as helping to keep straps on your shoulders.  


The band is the foundation of a bra, anchoring it to your body. It is attached to the side of the cups, around the back and fastens together with a hook and eye closure. The band is the most important part of the bra, offering majority of the support and lift. For a proper fit, your band should be snug to your body, not loose and riding up on your back. If your bra rides up at the back use our simple checklist to ensure you're wearing the correct bra size. 


Bikini underwear sits low on the hips with a high-cut leg, providing medium coverage. Bikinis offer full or medium front and back coverage and have sides that rest high on the hips. Bikinis are perfect for those seeking more coverage than a thong but less than a brief. 


The Memory Blessed Full Coverage D+ Bra offers generous coverage with exceptional support and guaranteed fit for DD-G cups. Featuring a balconette neckline and 100% memory foam cups that mould to the shape of your bust. 


A rigid support structure sewn into the vertical seams of a bra. Boning is commonly found within longline bras, bustiers and even on the wings of traditional bras. 


Bralettes are soft bras without underwire or structured cups, often made of lace. They're suitable for shallow or average busts and offer a comfortable alternative to traditional bras. 


Brazilian knickers have more back coverage than a thong but less than a bikini. The style's coverage creates a "V" shape effect on the front and back of the body and is usually low-rise. 


Briefs feature a high-rise waist and full back and side coverage, resting at or just below the belly button. They're ideal for maximum coverage without visible panty lines. 


Centre Gore 

The centre gore is the fabric between the middle of the bra cups that determines a bra's support.  A lower centre gore works best for plunging necklines. The centre gore should lay flat against your chest when determining if a bra fits correctly. If the centre gore doesn't lay flat on the chest and creates a gap between the gore and your skin, try a cup size larger. 


Cleavage is the effect attained by pushing the breasts together until they touch or nearly touch. The best bra styles to get cleavage are push-up or plunge style bras. 

Contour Bra 

Contour bras have lightly foam-lined or padded cups that maintain their shape, offering a seamless and smooth silhouette. Contour bras are also called t-shirt bras or everyday bras. 

Convertible Bra 

Convertible bras feature detachable straps that can be worn in various ways. Some of the ways of wear include: criss-crossed or racer back, halter, one-shoulder, low back or completely strapless. Our Refined 6-way Low Cut Strapless Bra converts all 6 ways!  

Crossed Straps 

Crossed straps or criss-crossed straps, refers to the way that a convertible bra can be worn for specific tops or dresses. The straps of the bra cross diagonally across your back making an "X" shape. Crossing the back straps of our multiway bras easily converts them to cross-back bras making them the perfect bra for racer back dresses and tops. Wearing your bras with crossed straps gives you more lift and cleavage.  


The cup of a bra is the fabric covering the breast. All bras have cups and are usually supported by an underwire (those with no wires at the cup are wireless bras). Cups are made one of two ways: either seamless/smooth or cut and sewn. They come in a variety of coverage levels, from full coverage to balconette styles. The cup is the letter portion of bra sizing, for example, size 12C (C refers to the cup size). 



Designed for a bigger cup size, our DD+ bras are supportive, stylish and comfortable. Our Memory Blessed Full Coverage D+ Bra is your best selling DD+ bra and offers generous coverage with exceptional support and guaranteed fit for DD-G cups. 



Foam is used for the inner-lining of padded bras. Foam comes in many ranges of thickness depending on your desired effect. Lightly-padded bras with thin padding are great for t-shirt bras. Firm padded bras give ultimate lift and support. The firmer the padding, the more modesty the bra provides as it prevents nipple show-through. 

Full Busted 

Full busted describes a bust shape where the top and bottom parts of the breast are equally full and round. Fine Lines offers a wide variety of styles that are designed for the fuller bust. Full busted may also be described as big busted. 

Full Coverage Bra 

full coverage bra has the most coverage of all bras, with little to no cleavage being shown. Full coverage bras are for all bust types. The term full coverage is commonly used when referring to t-shirt bras, full support bras, underwire bras and minimiser bras.  


The term fully adjustable refers to when the bra straps can be tightened or loosened to the fullest extent. There are no strap design details that prevent the slider from stopping halfway down the strap.  



A gusset is a fabric liner inserted into underwear seams for breathability, shape improvement and reinforcement. 

Gee string 

A g-string (also called a thong) features minimal coverage with a thin strip of fabric running down the back and is attached to a very thin waistband that goes around the hips. A g-string is designed to prevent any visible panty lines under tight clothing. 



Halter Neck 

Halter neck refers to the way that a convertible bra can be adapted for specific outfits. A single strap connects to a bra loop found on the inside of one cup, goes around the back of the neck and then the other side of the strap connects to the bra loop found on the inside of the other cup. 


High-rise describes where the waistband of a panty or shapewear piece hits at the waist. A high-rise style is worn at the natural waist or just below the belly button. A high-rise is usually found on more traditional styles such as a brief. 

Hook and Eye 

A hook and eye closure is located on the back of the bra and is comprised of metal hooks and loops which connect to each other, fastening the bra together. This allows for adjustable tightness and offers flexibility in fit and comfort.  



Seamless, invisible underwear for any occasion. Our Invisibles collection is designed to be worn every day or to special events, and as the name suggests, is invisible under any outfit. Made entirely from soft stretch knit, these brief styles adapt to your body for a custom fit and accommodates anyone from a size 10-16. 



This is a design feature that creates an opening in the centre back or centre front panel of a garment. 


Leotard Back 

A leotard back, also called a ballet back, forms a "U" shape where the straps meet the back of the bra, providing lift and support. This shape enables the bra to securely lift your bust line by hugging the band more closely to the body.  

Low-Back Bra 

Low-back bras are designed to accommodate tops or dresses with lower backlines, suitable for all bust types. 



The Memories collection is lightweight for complete every day wearing comfort. The superior memory foam cups are designed to mould to the shape of your bust, creating the perfect fit. 


The Memory collection includes our best-selling bras with light, non-crease memory foam cups that are designed to mould to the shape of your bust, providing a comfortable and customised fit. 

Memory Foam 

Memory foam cups react to your natural body heat, shaping to your body. It allows the bra to mould to the breast while staying smooth and seamless under your clothes. Memory foam is usually used when describing some t-shirt bras. 



Padded Bra 

A padded bra refers to any bra style that has a formed shape, even when it is not on the body and are suitable for all bust types.  Padding thickness varies from a very thin pad of a t-shirt bra to the thicker padding of a push-up bra.  

Plunge Bra 

Plunge bras feature low-cut centres  providing great cleavage under low-plunging tops and dresses. Some plunge bras come with integrated or removable padding, also known as cookies. 


Breast projection is the term used to describe how far away from the body the breasts are situated and the direction they face. The term is used when describing the shape that a particular bra or bra style gives. 

Push-Up Bra 

push-up bra lifts and enhances cleavage . The centre of the push-up bra is usually cut low and the cups of the bra push the breasts up, giving great lift. Most push-up bras can come with integrated (non-removable) or removable padding.  


Racer Back 

Racer back bras have straps that form the shape of a "V" on the centre of the back. This strap placement allows a wider range of arm movement as the straps are not laying against the shoulder blades.  


The Refined collection offers smooth, sophisticated and convertible bras. Made from a lustrous stretch fabric, the collection includes everyday bras like the Refined 5 Way Convertible Bra to special occasion bras like the Refined Strapless Plunge Bustier. 


Shallow Bust 

Shallow bust refers to breasts with more volume at the bottom than the top. As women age, we all lose elasticity in our breasts, which results in a shallow bust. This is also referred to as having relaxed breast tissue. 

Straight Back 

Straight back bras feature a horizontal band design, so there is no curvature where the straps meet the back band like a ballet back. Straight-back bras offer support and lift for all bust types. Its important to make sure you band sits nice and straight to get the perfect fit. 

Strapless Bra 

Strapless bras are designed to stay in place without the use of shoulder straps and there is a style suitable for all bust types. They can often have silicone strips on the inside of the band to keep the bra from sliding down, however Fine Lines also has silicone free options such as the Memory Strapless Bra. Strapless bras are perfect for wearing under your favourite shoulder-baring tops and dresses.  



Thong-style underwear have minimal back coverage, even less than a brazilian or tanga. The style gives a "T" shape effect. Thongs are a great option for a clean, seamless look underneath knit pants, or clingy outfits, as they diminish the appearance of panty lines. These are also called g-strings. 

T Shirt Bra 

t-shirt bra features smooth, seamless cups that will show no lines under your everyday t-shirt and are suited to all bust types. Tshirt bras are great everyday bras as they prevent nipple show-through.  



Underwear are underwear designed with a waistband, leg openings, a range of front and back coverage and a gusset usually lined with cotton. Underwear is often referred to as panties and they come in many styles to accommodate every body type and occasion. The most popular underwear styles are: bikinis, thongs andfull-briefs 

Underwire Bras  

Underwire bras give the breasts a natural lift to shape and sculpt while providing a touch of support. Many different styles of bra contain underwire from balconette-styles to push-ups bras. 



The wing of a bra offers support and lift, anchoring the bra to the body with a hook and eye closure. For a proper fit, your wings should be quite snug to your body, not loose and riding up on your back.  

Wireless Bra 

Wire Free bras give support and shape without the underwire. Wireless bras are good for all bust types. Wireless bras may also be called: soft-cup bras, wire-free bras or non-wire bras.