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Surefire Ways You Are Killing Your Bra

  • 2 min read

Bras are considered as your delicates for a reason! They are intricately designed, with details that you can't see! Every woman's body and breast size is different and we can sell up to 30 different sizes of the same bra - so slight changes can make a BIG difference to the fit! Are you ending your bras life early by stretching and pulling and twisting your bra without realising? Read on to find out!

Washing Machine Nightmares

The number #1 way to killing your bra is washing or drying them in the machine. The twisting and the turning and the spinning doesn't bode well for a healthy bra and the elasticity will stretch out faster than usual if you’re using harsh detergents. Don’t be a bra murderer and always hand-wash your bras! If you're time poor or refuse to hand-wash, make sure you use a lingerie bag!

If you're not washing your bras by hand, protect them by using a lingerie wash bag

You’ve been putting your bra on wrong this entire time

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to put on a bra, and you’re probably victim to it -- “The flip.” “The flip" is when you crush your bra against the back of your body, clasp it in the front, twirl it around and flip it up. Why’s this technique bad for your bra? The wire will likely start poking out, your cups will dent and the band will stretch out. 

Woman reaching around to her back to unclasp her bra

Round vs. Flat!

If the bra has an underwire, make sure it follows where your breasts naturally crease. Most underwires today are flat. In less expensive bras, however, many manufacturers like to trade flat underwires for round ones because they are most cost effective and less production goes into molding round underwires. You can easily tell if an underwire is round or flat by simply feeling the underwire between your fingers.

Always make sure the wire doesn’t rest on top of your breasts. If the cup fits, but the wire doesn’t follow the crease, try a different style of bra. If the bra lacks a wire, use the same method for checking the bottom seam.

Your bra is too tight

Underwires are designed spread when you’re wearing your bra. In doing so, it grabs your bust and gives your boobs the support they need. In cases where your bra band is too tight, the underwires in your bra are being pulled apart further than they were designed to be pulled. The stress will eventually cause the wires to break, shortening your bra’s lifespan.

Cup sizes are not to be messed with

Make sure you’re wearing the right cup size. Underwires are designed to carry a certain amount of breast tissue. If that amount is exceeded, you’re putting too much pressure on the underwire, which will cause it to stress and deform.It is being forced into a size beyond that it was designed to fit.Squeezing your precious puppies into ill-fitting cup sizes like that will cause the underwire to break in the centre where most pressure is being exercised, and you’re practically shredding your bra. Watch out for thin, sharp shards of metal that are likely to poke out which may cut you. Ouch. Talk about bra murder...

Sketch showing three places where bras often don't fit well