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Memory foam cups - What’s all the hype about?

  • 2 min read

You’ve probably heard it in relation to pillows or mattresses, but what makes memory foam so good in a bra?

Memory foam cups mould to the shape of your breasts as they absorb the temperature of your body, creating the perfect fit for YOU. 

Because of this, you’re looking at a bra that literally feels like a second skin, that moves with your body and gives the most comfortable support that a bra can give. 

Plus, a memory foam cup retains its shape - so any creases or folds that happen in the wardrobe (or in a suitcase!) will disappear once you wear your bra again. 

That also means a longer lasting bra which is going to be better for reducing fast fashion consumption! Thoughtful shopping at its most comfortable! 

Our top 5…

1. Memory Blessed Full Coverage D+ Bra - MF012

By popular demand, the new and improved Memory Blessed bra is now in stock! What makes this bra so special is the 100% memory foam cups that provide unparalleled support and guaranteed fit for bigger busts!

Nude Memory Blessed Full Coverage D+ Bra - MF012


2. Memory Full Coverage Bra - MM032

Another old favourite that we’ve brought back and improved - voted 5/5 by YOU, this bra is the perfect everyday t-shirt bra now with fully adjustable straps. 

Black Memory Full Coverage Bra - MM032


3. Memories Balconette Contour Bra - ME011

New to the Fine Lines family, the Memories collection has the latest in memory foam technologies making this bra lightweight for everyday wearing comfort!

Nude Memories Balconette Contour Bra - ME011


4. Memories Strapless Bra - ME014

The strapless from the new Memories collection is silicone free, with a low neckline and a plunging centre front, making it perfect under all your everyday outfits.

Black Memories Strapless Bra - ME014


5. Memory Strapless Bra - MM014

This is our best selling strapless bra for a reason! The perfect strapless for everyday wear that won’t fall down, won’t dig and is COMFORTABLE!

Nude Memory Strapless Bra - MM014


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