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5 Reasons To Go Wire Free This Winter

  • 2 min read


When it comes to wearing wire free, the reality is that it's all up to personal preference. But if you're on the fence and not sure about it, we've got 5 reasons for you to get off the tightrope and jump into wearing wire free!

  1. It's all about comfort
    This one is short and simple. Hopefully, you'll be able to find the perfect underwire bra for you here at Fine Lines as well but when it comes down to it, no wires means no dig, no poke and no hassle!
    Woman sitting in bra, reading a book

  2. Great for travel
    Try taking comfortable wire free bras on your next trip - you won't regret it! You'll still get the support you need and you'll feel a thousand times more free to do the things you love. Plus, when it comes to storing bras, you should lie them flat - never folded in half - spooning the cups of another bra to help them hold their shape... Have you ever had the space to do this in a suitcase? I thought not. The space in your suitcase is a valuable, sacred place. And if you have the room before you go, we doubt it will be there on the way back!  
    Open suitcase showing contents
  3. The support you need
    Contrary to popular belief, a good wire free bra can provide all the support you need. In a wire free push up such as the RL136, the support comes from the "push" in the cups providing your breasts with a small, comfortable shelf to gently sit upon. In other wire free bras, a lot of the support comes from the under band and shoulder straps so if you do make the shift, make sure your band is firm beneath the bust and your straps are tight enough.

  4. Easier to find your size
    Here at Fine Lines, we're all about helping you to find #TheFitOfYourLife and the fit of your life should mean that your bra is so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing it. But the reality is (and trust us when we say this) that not all 12B's are the same! Whether you're Asymmetrical, Bell Shape, East-West, Side Set, Round, Tear Drop or Slender... (yes, the list is that long) We women come in many different beautiful shapes and sizes! Which means that what may be the perfect bra for one woman, may be uncomfortable another. So eliminate the variables and go wire free! Bra shopping online just became a whole lot easier!
    Woman measuring bra size with measuring tape

  5. Sleep tight
    On a personal level, I'm a "be free" kinda gal when it comes to sleeping. But if you like to catch your Z's with a bra on, make it wire free. You'll be more comfortable, less constricted and get a better night of rest. 
    Woman sleeping on stomach in bed without a bra

All in all, whether you live a relaxed lifestyle or a hectic "travel for business" kind of life, a wire free bra could be the answer.


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