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Private Parts // Ep.9 // An Inspirational Health Story

  • 1 min read

In this episode of Private Parts, Fi chats to Toya Ricci - a creative sexologist with a huge focus on pleasure.

Initially, Toya & Fi planned to speak about Toya's work, but in their 'pre-brief' Toya opened up about her history with the health system and her unbelievable story of extreme pain, trauma & change and her response to her experience.

Toya remarked, "I know that a lot of people go through life-changing experiences and they develop a new lease on life, but I gained a complete and total acceptance that my life was already right. I was proud of my body."

We are completely in awe of Toya's outlook, her perspective and strength. This is an episode that cannot be missed.


Host: Fi Macrae (She/Her)
Guest: Toya Ricci (She/Her)
Videographer: Gina Somfleth (She/Her)
Graphic Design: Zoe Yeoman (She/Her)

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