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Intimate Apparel

Fine Lines creates intimates apparel and lingerie for women who seek comfort, style and a touch of class. Our collection of is created to sculpt the bodies of those who wear them. Available in a variety of options such as the push up bra, strapless bra, backless bra and plunge bra, all of our stunning items from our collection are crafted to offer you an easy-wear, and a boost of confidence.

Comfortable Intimate Apparel

Offering apparel, not only for those special times, but for everyday use to allow you to feel sexy and secure every time you step out of the house. Fine Lines is known for our stunning collections, matched with equally comfortable pieces, allowing women to go from boardroom to bedroom in our bras and briefs.

Fashionable Intimate Apparel

Keeping up to date with trends and being fashion conscious are a top priority for us; however for our customers all day comfort and ability to ooze a sense of sexiness is first on their minds. Whether it be a backless, plunge, strapless bra or push up bra, we create gorgeous intimate apparel for all occasions and uses.

Plunge designs, essential backless or strapless bras or confidence-boosting push-up styles ; these apparel items are often overlooked as an absolute necessity in every woman's wardrobe. These items are absolutely ideal to have in your wardrobe and are suitable for last-minute outfits that require a special boost or hidden strap.

intimate apparel is something which can be purchased by yourself or someone else who hopes you will like it. The items we offer are designed and crafted to be worn by women who like to feel confident, sexy and enjoy keeping a little something a surprise. Whether it is yourself looking to purchase a plunge, backless, strapless or push up bra, or your partner wanting to buy you lingerie as a gift, we have a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit all women.