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Fit & Size

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The fit and proper dimension of your underwear is extremely important. What many women don't realise is that wearing the wrong plunge, strapless, push up or convertible bra is bad for the body and will not offer the correct support. Fine Lines recommends that you should always get professionally fitted by a specialist.

Our qualified experts can assist with ladies underwear measurements to ensure you obtain the perfect fitting product. Fine Lines asks that you find your measurements on the chart below to get an exact measure before your fitting. The fit matrix is designed to give you better appearance and comfort from your bra and brief combination.

If you wish to arrange a fitting, please see the Fine lines stockists in your local area.

The Importance of Correct Measurement

Purchasing the correct size underwear is important for your comfort and health. An ill fitting convertible , plunge or push up bra will not only be uncomfortable, but it will not give you the support you require. Many women throughout Australia are wearing the incorrect size bra, resulting in unnecessary discomfort.

This can be avoided if you obtain a fitting to determine your correct fit and measurements. The band and cup sizes and underwire will be determined in a professional fitting, where you can learn which design type is the best fit for you. Some problems can be fixed by simply loosening or tightening straps, adjusting the hook and eye or choosing a larger cup.

Avoid the problems and discomfort with professional ladies underwear fitting at Fine Lines.

How to Measure Correct Fit

Fine Lines provides you with a standard measurement chart so you can outline your size before product purchase. Whether you're looking for the perfect convertible , plunge , push up bra, bridal underwear or full brief ladies underwear, Fine Lines will ensure you obtain the correct fit and shape for you.

The measurement chart listed below has the bra sizes for Australia, the USA, UK, Europe and France. These sizes have become a common standard and are used throughout the world. To find out roughly what size plunge , convertible , strapless or push up bra you need, simply follow our measurement process.

Step 1: Measure your underbust by measuring around your rib cage and use this to find out your body size. Eg) 75cm is size 12.

Step 2: Measure the fullest part of your bust and use this measurement to find out your cup size. Eg) 96cm is a C-cup.

Make sure all measurements are taken with a suitable bra, without garments over the top. Do not make extra allowances but if you're between sizes we suggest you order the larger option. Ensure you hold the tape measure firmly around you so you can obtain the closest measurements possible.

For detailed information on Fine Lines ladies underwear or to arrange a measurement, contact us today.

For a better appearance & comfort find out your bra & brief size using the Fit & Size matrix. Find your measurements on the chart to get an exact measure.

We recommend that you always get professionally fitted for your bra at a specialist. Please check out Fine Lines Stockists in your area to arrange for a fitting.

Please take great care at measuring yourself prior to using this chart.

Measuring Instruction
To measure your bra size

Underbust : cm
Overbust : cm
To measure your brief size

Hips : cm

Bra Sizes